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 Giveaways for The Copper Ridge Mystery Series

Here you can find a free Prequel and some recipes of the food mentioned in the books


Copper Ridge a New Beginning

A Copper Ridge Mystery - Prequel

Had she lost her ever-loving mind? • Quitting her job and selling her home. • What had she been thinking? • She squared her shoulders and shut the door. • No, it was time for a change. • Copper Ridge was going to be her new home and she was going to make this work. • Fortunately for her, Emily meets Claudette, her first friend in Copper Ridge, and even better, Claudette makes the most fantastic baked goods. • Maybe this move wasn’t a mistake after all...

Recipes of food from the books coming soon...

Coming Soon! Watch for recipes from some of the foods listed in the Copper Ridge Mystery series. Our home chefs are testing recipes now!

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